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One to One Coaching

You are a busy professional, who excels at your job!

You attend meetings with managers, colleagues, and customers in English.

You feel stuck, nervous, and anxious about these meetings.

You feel that you are unable to understand everything that is spoken... native speakers speak SO FAST!!! I know!!

You don’t want to talk about your ideas because you are not sure that you are using the right English vocabulary and phrases.

You worry that your coworkers will not understand your accent and you will look silly.


Your English is at a really great level already!

With a little improvement in your pronunciation and use of Business English phrasal verbs, idioms, and vocabulary, you will feel more confident in expressing your opinions and conducting interviews during your regular meetings with HQ.

This will ensure you are fully understood and your talents are appreciated in full!


You will receive:

  • Introduction meeting, to plan for the future meetings, discuss goals etc

  • Four meetings monthly, one per week, each lasting for 60 minutes

  • Positive, energetic coaching calls, helping you to guide your learning.

  • Constructive advice on improving your pronunciation

  • Audio pronunciation examples, in order that you can review and repeat

  • Templates, phrasal verbs, idioms, and vocabulary, to ensure you communicate like a native


Any additional help you need, to help you to achieve your language goals, including help with technical emails.

Additional one-off meetings can be arranged at a fixed cost per session.

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As an experienced business person in the international banking world AND a fully qualified and experienced English teacher, I can help with all your queries about actually DOING business in the international global market.

Make your life easier and more productive by investing in yourself NOW.

Be a confident and active part of every business meeting.

Enthusiastically share your knowledge and ideas with others.

Bring your promotion closer, by ensuring all of your abilities and talents are understood and appreciated!

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