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How to Improve your Business English and Advance your Career Prospects in Three Easy Steps!

The three steps SOUND simple! They ARE simple.

To improve your Business English, you just need to do these three things...


Prepare for your presentation.
Prepare for your interview.
Prepare for the phone call.
Prepare for the lunch meeting.
Prepare, prepare, prepare.

In order to fully prepare, you will need to focus on:

  • Vocabulary – including idioms and phrases. It is not just about the vocabulary that you use. It’s also about the vocabulary that you HEAR.

  • Business Protocol – What to expect - How things are done in other countries including non-verbal communication.

When do you hand over your business card? Who pays for the business lunch? How do you deal with questions during your presentation? How do you introduce people to each other?


Step 2 is all about taking all the wonderful elements that you learned in Step 1 and practicing USING them.

Practice for your presentation.
Practice for your interview.
Practice for the phone call.
Practice for the lunch meeting.
Practice, practice, practice.
  1. You will need to prepare for the first time you make a phone call to an English-speaking customer.

  2. Then go through it – out loud.

  3. What do you want to say?

  4. What do you expect to hear?

  5. What MAY you hear – look at all the different options and then prepare and practice the answers.

Once you have prepared for the first phone call... the preparation is there for you to practice each time you make a similar phone call.



This is the scary part....

Doing the thing...

Make your presentation!
Get that job!
Make your phone call!
Enjoy your lunch meeting!
Perform, Perform, Perform.

Once you have prepared and practiced in full.... Your Performance will be effortless

What is the cost of inaction? The cost of inaction is remaining stuck in the same situation

You will continue to feel nervous about speaking up during a meeting, of making that presentation, or those phone calls. You will continue to miss out on the conversations around you at your workplace.


ADVANCE YOUR CAREER... and enjoy doing it!

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