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How to Introduce yourself PROPERLY In English

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Introducing yourself:

You will have many opportunities to meet new people within the business environment. It can be extremely daunting, especially if you will be communicating in your second (or third) language.

You have SEVEN seconds to make a first impression!

Prepare and practice your introduction

That doesn’t sound very much, and a lot of this is based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanor and your dress code.

Smile, be confident and friendly and look people in the eye.

Whether you are introducing yourself to colleagues, customers, providers or even in social business evenings, there are some useful expressions that you can use:

  • Let me introduce myself. My name is Joanne Hayward.

  • Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Joanne Hayward.

  • Good afternoon/morning/evening, I don't think we've been introduced.

  • I’m Joanne Hayward and I work for "Learn English with Jo".

If you are introducing yourself to colleagues, then you will give some slightly different information:

  • I’m Joanne Hayward and I work for the Business Development department.

  • I’m Joanne Hayward and I’m the Manager of the Marketing Department.

Demonstrate professionalism and credibility by using your full name, without any title, when introducing yourself.

In addition, if you know the name of the other person, use their name first (including the title... Dr/Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms). Use Ms if you are unsure if they are married. When/if they correct you to either Miss or Mrs, please take note of their correct title.

  • Good afternoon Ms Smith. I don’t believe we have been introduced. I’m Joanne Hayward. It’s lovely to meet you.

  • Good morning Dr Jones. Let me introduce myself. My name is Joanne Hayward. It’s nice to finally meet you.

When do I offer my business card?

When the conversation is finished and there is a possibility that you will keep in touch, feel free to offer your business card.

  • May I give you my business card?

  • Let me give you my business card.

If it’s a possible client or someone you would like to stay in contact with, you may wish to add:

  • Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

  • It would be great to keep in touch. Here’s my business card.

If you give your business card, it is very likely that you will receive one in return. If it is someone that you would like to keep in contact with, a follow up message the following day would be suitable:

  • It was nice to meet you yesterday. I hope we can meet up again in the near future.

  • I would like to continue the conversation from yesterday. Would you like to meet up for a coffee this week?

Introducing yourself at an interview is slightly different. You need to simply say:

  • Good morning/afternoon, my name is Joanne Hayward and I am here today for the interview.

Introducing people to each other.

Introducing people to each other can be quite daunting. There are some easy rules that you can adhere to, which will take all the angst away. At the end you will find an easy to follow helpful printout...

  • Introduce people in business based on rank, not gender or age.

  • Use their pronoun in more formal situations.

  • At a business social event, just their full name would be more appropriate.

Introducing a guest, visitor or customer in a business environment

In business, the client, guest or visitor outranks the boss or co-worker and should be introduced first.

  • Mr/s Guest, I would like to introduce you to Mr/s Smith, who is our Managing Director.

Introducing employees of the same company

In a business setting, introduce the person of the lower rank to the person of the higher rank

  • Mr/s Managing Director, please let me introduce you to our head of Human Resources, Mr/s Smith.

Introducing colleagues who are of a similar position

The general rule of thumb for those of the same roughly the same rank or position is to introduce the person you know better to the one that you know least.

Example: Fred Smith is someone you know well and Barbara Collins, you have met only once before.

  • Barbara, I would like to introduce you to Fred Smith. He works in the Accounts department with me. Fred, this is Barbara Collins, who works in the Head office.

Introducing your husband, wife or partner.

The same rules apply with a spouse or partner.

  • Fred, I would like you to meet my wife, Dora.

  • Dora, this is one of my colleagues, Fred Smith.

Introducing a group to an individual.

  • Dora, I would like you to meet Fred, Silvia and Bob.

In a more formal setting:

  • Dora, I would like to introduce you to Fred Smith, Silvia Jones and Bob Collins. They all work with me at Learn English with Jo.

This is my wife, Dora.

What to Do When Being Introduced.

Always remember the importance of positive first impressions. When being introduced to someone, look him or her in the eye, offer a firm handshake and say something pleasant like:

  • I’ve heard such great things about you.

  • It’s a pleasure to meet you.

  • It’s great to finally meet you.


  1. Always stand up for introductions, whether you are male or female.

  2. If you are a man, when meeting a woman, wait to see if she extends her hand first.

  3. If you are a woman meeting another man or woman, offer your hand.

  4. This guide is for a Western business environment. In different cultures there will be different rules. It is very important that if you are travelling to meet individuals in different societies, you do some research about any peculiarities of the area.

After the initial introduction and if the situation allows it, follow up with some questions

If you can, follow up with something to start a conversation such as:

  • Greg tells me you’ve been working on a new project. How’s it going?

– Show an interest in the other person – this will allow you to get to know them a little and also give a very positive impression – everyone likes talking about themselves and if you can ask some insightful questions, to show that you are listening and interested, this will go down very well.

Always have your Elevator Pitch handy - this is the

ideal situation to use it. When they ask what you do........

There is an easy summary here - If you would like a copy, drop me a note and I will send you the pdf, for printing!

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