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How to Deal with Rejection.

Updated: May 24, 2021

Do you dread receiving a rejection from a job that you really wanted?

Question: What do you do if the worst happens?

Answer: Make the best of it!!!

The potential employer knows exactly WHY they chose someone else and not you. These are very reasonable people who have extremely well thought out reasons for choosing the candidate they did. Rather than putting your head in the sand or even worse, making up your own reasons for why they did not employ you... Too old / too young / language skills were not good enough / not good looking enough etc .... SIMPLY ASK.

In the worst-case scenario, they will not respond. But they MAY well give you positive feedback that you can then use to improve yourself as a candidate for the next job. Perhaps an extra qualification or area of experience was required. Obviously, you can then work towards obtaining these, ready for the next opportunity. They may well suggest that you were the Number Two on their list and this will fill you with confidence for the next application.

You need to follow the following structure:

  • · Thank them for letting you know the news.

  • · Tell them that you are always trying to improve yourself and ask if there was anything missing from your list of qualifications or experience.

  • · If not, ask what general feedback or advice they could give you for future job applications.

  • · Thank them for their time.

  • · MAKE NOTES ABOUT WHAT FEEDBACK THEY GAVE YOU. Don’t rely on your memory – write down the information as they speak to you... so you don’t forget anything important.

There is no point in going through this process unless you are going to use the information to improve your chances of getting the position that you want in the future.

I have included some templates for you to use. Just add the name of the person and add any information personal to that particular job / interview – Download them here.

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