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Number 1 habit of millionaires....

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

What is the one habit that all millionaires have?

What one change can you make that will supercharge your day?

What am I talking about ?

Your Morning Routine... of course!

There have been books on the subject, podcasts, youtube videos… is everyone wrong?

No, of course not.


Morning 1

  • Hit the alarm once… twice… three times…

  • Leap out of bed, already late.

  • Charge around trying to find the clothes you need, grab something quick to eat, try to find your keys – none of which come to hand when you need them.

  • Race out of the door, getting more and more angry because everyone around you is conspiring to delay you further… your neighbour reversing out of his driveway, just as you need to get past… all the traffic lights are on red…. EVERY slow moving truck or driver is ahead of you on every narrow part of the road…

  • Arrive to the office late and stressed and ready to growl at any colleagues who happen to come near you....

Morning 2

  • Leap out of bed and slip into the clothes that you prepared the night before.

  • Make some delicious coffee and enjoy a leisurely breakfast, perhaps out on the terrace. Spend some time doing some yoga or stretches.

  • Take 20 minutes to reflect on what is going well right now and your future life goals.

  • Decide on the one or two key tasks that will move you forward in YOUR goals today.

  • Leave the house with time to spare – perhaps enjoy listening to a podcast or your favourite music in the car.

  • Arrive to the office early and in a relaxed but focussed frame of mind.

It’s not rocket science to see the benefits of the second option and it doesn’t take a lot to ensure this is the way you start your day – everyday.

You just need to take 10 minutes the night before to get organised:

  • Go to bed early

  • Put your clothes out, so you can jump out of bed and slip straight into them

  • Decide on a why you are getting up early.... make plan of what you are going to do (what you plan to achieve) - This is YOUR morning routine, so you should include what's important to you!

This might include:

1 Writing a gratitude list

2 Stretching / yoga / excercising

3 Reflecting on your goals and what you can do to

move towards these – one step everyday

4 Healthy breakfast

5 Read

6 Learning something – perhaps a language or new skill

- your brain is very receptive first thing in the morning, so it will be

easier to retain new information.

The day of – there is only ONE thing to do.

When the alarm goes off – just get vertical.

That is the only decision to make that will change your life. If you get vertical, you will

automatically slip your clothes on ( they are RIGHT THERE ) – go to the kitchen to get the coffee brewing – then your day of success will commence!!

Let me know how it goes!

For further reading about the benefits….

See the following (there are lots lots more!!):

Could they all be wrong?

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