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Clock changes Sunday 31st October - Clocks spring forward in Spring and fall back in Autumn (Fall)

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Every year on the last Sunday in October at 1am, the clocks fall back. That means that we get an extra hour in bed. Wonderfully, the days will be lighter in the mornings and darker in the evenings. This is my favourite clock change, since the darker evenings lead to warm cozy feelings of tucking in a little earlier!

Every year on the last Sunday in March at 1 am, the clocks spring forward.

Therefore, at 1 am, the clocks on your mobile phone and computer will have automatically become 2 am. Unfortunately, the clocks in most cars and ovens (or cookers), might NEVER change, depending on the difficulty involved!! In other words, you lose an hour's sleep. In Britain, we call it British Summer Time, although in other parts of the world where this practice is done, it is called Daylight Saving Time, since it does exactly that – provides more daylight during the afternoons.

Benjamin Franklin first suggested the idea in Spring 1784, although it was first put into practice in a small town in Canada in 1908 (according to to conserve electricity.

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