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Valentines Day

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

How do people in England celebrate Valentines Day?

Valentines Day takes place on 14th February. It is the day that celebrates romantic love!

Most people that are in a relationship will go out for dinner on this day, or perhaps celebrate their love by exchanging cards and small gifts.

Usually it is the women who receive a card and / or gift. It is not unusual for the man to receive one too. Traditionally, the gifts will usually consist of chocolates, teddy bears, wine ( or champagne ) and /or flowers.

The heart shape and colour red are very obvious in all decorations surrounding this time of the year. Being red, roses are the most popular flower. Red roses also symbolise love.

A company called Hallmark makes greeting cards. They were the first to make Valentine’s Day cards. This company started in America and are now very large and famous all over the world.

For the younger generation, especially those who are single ( ie not in a relationship ), Valentines Day Cards are often delivered unsigned and will often be posted anonymously, which adds to the fun factor. They may also be dropped through the letter box, making sure the person who delivers it is unseen of course.

If a couple chooses to go out for a meal, it is a time where many restaurants have special ‘romantic’ offers available, whether it is a special menu or free flowers / wine for their guests.


Valentines day cards teddy bears

flowers romantic dinners / picnics

a bunch of flowers / roses a box of chocolates


Well used phrases:

I love you. I love you too!

Do you want to hang out? Will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend?

Can I take you out for dinner? Would you like to go out on a date?

Would you like to go out sometime?

Check our Youtube video on Valentines Day here:

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