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What is Business English?

This is an excellent question. The answer is, of course, English for business purposes. Specifically, this involves the language skills required in making presentations, negotiating, holding and taking part in meeting, sales, writing and reading reports and emails etc. There are many statements and definitions that are ‘bandied around’ (put forward for discussion).

I think that the key is... if you need to say, write it, read it or listen to English in a business scenario of any description, it will fall under the banner of Business English.

Business English is a huge umbrella of information and the first practice of any good Business English coach or teacher is to find out more about you. This is called a ‘Needs Analysis’... which is a better way to simply say that we need to find out more about what type of English you will NEED to use in the workplace. There – your first Business Vocabulary phrase.

We ask about your job, industry, location and the nationality of the native English speakers that you are/will be dealing with. These are all very relevant to the type of information that you will need to carry out your role efficiently.

Most of my students are extremely highly qualified professionals in their own career (IT, Accountancy, Finance, Sales etc), and when they are at work have to:

  • Report to their English speaking management

  • Attend and fully contribute to meetings within the workplace

  • Communicate with English speaking international colleagues

  • Make presentations to management and/or customers and/or potential clients

  • Negotiate deals

  • Network effectively

  • Entertain customers and visiting colleagues

They also wish to understand and engage in banter in the office with other non-native speakers, who speak English, but have very different non-native English accents.

If you would like to advance your career and enjoy meeting all of these challenges, in English, CONFIDENTLY..... Get in touch right now and we can do a 'Needs Analysis' and see if we are a good fit!

Here are some examples:

1. Take the example of Kay, one of my students. She works in the advertising industry. She works in the New Business department and her role (job) is to bring in new clients to the agency. Therefore, she needs to create a pitch, present this pitch to clients, negotiate prices etc.

Let’s take one pitch, which Kay has to make to a client next week. Together we:

  • prepare a pitch (Kay explains what she would like to say and we make them sound fantastic, fully clear and understandable to her English speaking clients)

  • role play the pitch

  • discuss questions the clients may ask related to the pitch

2. Take another example, Ahmed, also one of my students. He is an IT professional, who is in charge of installing new IT systems into companies and ensuring the system works perfectly. He has no need to learn about presenting, negotiating etc. What he does need is to be able to teach the new users how to use the system correctly, troubleshoot any problems etc. This is completely different set of skills.

Lets take one set of instructions for one new user of the new system. Together we

  • prepare the instructions for one new user (Ahmed explains exactly what he would like to say and we use correct vocabulary (phrases and idioms) to make it clear and fully understandable)

  • role play the instructions for that one user

  • go over any questions that the user may have and practice the answers

If you would like to contribute fully to meetings, make presentations, negotiate, network, entertain, enjoy banter around the office and enjoy meeting all of these challenges, in English, CONFIDENTLY.....

Get in touch right now and we can do a 'Needs Analysis' and see if we are a good fit!

To find out more about who I am and what my experience is, check out the About Me section.

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