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What is the BEST way to improve my Business English?

This is the number one question that I get asked!

There are lots of methods which will help your communication in another language.

Reading, Listening, Watching TV and films. They will ALL help.

However, there is A BEST way!

This has the most impact.

You can do it anywhere and with anyone.

Role Playing!!!

I know... it sounds scary.

Honestly, during my sessions, this is the element that causes the most fear, but that has the most impact!

Practice brings confidence.

If you need to speak in meetings, make presentations and all these other scary things, in front of your international colleagues.....

  • Isn’t it better that you practice before you perform???

  • Isn't it better that you make mistakes in a comfortable and friendly environment with someone who is not judging you?

  • Isn't it better to make mistakes in a place where they can be corrected quietly and privately?

When you are a child, you learn from watching and listening to other people. You then try and try ... and try, until you succeed. I’m sure you don’t remember, but when you learned to walk, you saw others (Mum and Dad and their friends and family) doing it and then gave it a go. Did it work first time? NOOOOO! Did it work second time? NOOOOO – but maybe on the 20th or 50th or even 100th try, finally you were wobbling about on 2 legs. After that, you improved your skill over time.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

All languages involve the same process. You watch and listen, learn, then practice, practice, practice! Then your skill will improve over time. I’m not saying that it will take you 100 tries to perfect your skills – perhaps 2 or 3 – depending on how complicated the task is.

Why is role playing so important?

  • Role playing different events creates confidence.

  • Role play the vocabulary you will use - this creates confidence that you are using the correct phrases and idioms.

  • Role playing enables you to practice real-world situations that you encounter in the work place – meetings, presentations, negotiations.

  • Role play the issues that may cause difficulties and then practice dealing with them.

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